Can't Even Attend A Funeral in Balwamer


B-lacks Killing Each Other
A-ll Politicians Lining Their Pockets
L-ittle Opportunity For The Average Joe
T-attooed Low Class Women
I-nbred White Trash
M-ostly Black Rundown Neighborhoods
O-rioles Blow
R-avens Rock
E-very Street Corner Smells Like Urine

What's the difference between the Colts and O'Malley?
The Colts had enough sense to beat it out of the State.

Thanks Martin O'Malley, I bet you can't wait to screw up the entire state!!!!

Baltimore - Get In On It !
What a dumb slogan!
And....they only dropped 500 K on it!
Adding Insult to Injury - A musical invitation

Some folks on the Internet have suggested the slogan below might be better for Baltimore:

Baltimore - Marion Barry Lives In DC

Looks like the Powers that Be really screwed up.
Here's your chance to see what others suggested for a slogan AND
Enter Yours Here

From The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore City Councilwoman Rochelle "Rikki" Spector said "Get in on what? I don't know; it doesn't have a Baltimore ring to it. I don't associate anything Baltimore to it."

Former Mayor, Governor and current Comptroller William Donald Schaefer - "I've seen some dumb ones in the past, but this is the dumbest."

John Waters, local filmmaker said, "It's not catchy. I keep having to ask what it is again because I forget."

Kevin Cowherd Sun Reporter - It's just that "Baltimore -- Get In On It" doesn't say anything about the city.

From The Baltimore Business Journal

James B. Astrachan, president of the Advertising Association of Baltimore and the most ardent critic of BACVA's decision to select an out-of-town agency, said the slogan sounds like it "would be associated with a lower-priced retail store than a travel destination." that you want to "Get In On It", Here are hotels where you can stay while you're inonit

Pay Owe-Malley
If you dream it, we can tax it

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